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Saint CASTULE (CASTULUS), martyr

Saint Castule, martyr

Il appartenait au palais impérial. Parce qu’il hébergeait chez lui des chrétiens, il fut condamné à être enterré dans une fosse et enseveli vivant, à Rome, au IIIème siècle.

Castulus of Rome M (RM)

Died c. 286-288. Saint Castulus was an officer of Diocletian's palace in Roman. He housed some of his fellow Christians, was denounced, questioned, tortured, and thrown into a pit that then was filled with sand to bury him alive. A cemetery was named after his burial place on the Via Labicana (Attwater2, Benedictines, Encyclopedia).

St. Castulus

Feastday: March 26

Patron of shepherds; invoked against erysipelas, lightning, horse theft, wildfires, and drowning.

Death: 286

He was a martyr died 286. Chamberlain of Emperor Diocletian he sheltered Christians in his own home and arranged for religious services inside the imperial palace. Because of his activity in bringing converts to Pope St. Caius to be baptized he was captured, tortured and put to death. His feastday is March 26.

Saint Castulus of Rome

Also known as
  • Castulus of Moosburg
  • Castolo of….
  • Castulo of….
  • Catulus of….
  • Kastl of….
  • Kastulis of….
  • Kastulus of….

Married to Saint Irene of Rome. Military officer in the imperial palace in Rome during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. A quiet Christian, he was denounced to authorities for sheltering fellow Christians; arrested, tortured and martyred.