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Saint PAUL LÊ-VAN-LOC, prêtre et martyr

Saint Paul Lê-Van-Loc, prêtre et martyr

Prêtre et martyr, il fut décapité pour sa foi au Christ près de la ville de Thi-Nghe au Tonkin sous l'empereur Tu Duc, en 1859.

Saint Paul Le Van Loc

Martyr en Cochinchine ( 1859)

Prêtre et martyr, il fut décapité pour sa foi au Christ près de la ville de Thi-Nghe au Tonkin sous l'empereur Tu Duc; il fait partie des martyrs du Vietnam canonisés en 1988.

"En janvier 1857, Charles de Montigny, envoyé comme représentant plénipotentiaire auprès des cours du Siam, du Cambodge et du Vietnam, se fait éconduire par le gouvernement de Tu-Duc qui multiplie les édits de persécution."

A lire sur le site des Missions étrangères de Paris Vietnam 1858-1862: les grands massacres.

À Thi-Nghè en Cochinchine, l’an 1859, saint Paul Lê-Van-Lôc, prêtre et martyr, qui fut décapité pour le Christ à la porte de la ville, sous l’empereur Tu Duc.

Martyrologe romain

          Born          :  1831 
          In Penang  :  1846-1853?                (15) 
          Ordained   :  1856                           (25) 
          Beheaded  :  1859       (Feb 13)       (28) 
          Beatified    :  1909 
          Canonised :  1988       (June 19) 
1831 Paul Loc was born in Chi Hoa, near Saigon in Annamese Cochin China.  His father was a Christian doctor while his mother was a new convert.

1846 While in College General, the first few years were difficult due to his poor health but later he became one of the top students.

1856 After being ordained, he served in An Nhon but ill health required him to rest for a year.

Fr Loc was put in charge of a College in Thi Ngha where he taught Christian Doctrine and the elements of Latin to young men preparing for studies at College General, Penang.

Fr Loc was a gentle person with a great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

1858 Persecution forced him to close the school and he took refuge in the home of a Christian family.  However, he was betrayed by a servant and was arrested when he confessed that he was a priest.  With his knowledge for foreign languages, Fr Paul Loc was offered a high civilian post if he would renounce his faith.  He flatly refused and was sentenced to death.  The official sentence of strangulation was changed to beheading. 

He was happy, joyful and willing to suffer for Christ. Buried in parish of Cho Quan.

Father Paul Loc Van Le, of An Nhon, Vietnam, a former soldier and newly ordained alumnus of a seminary in Penang, Malaysia, was arrested by pagan officials of Vietnam’s imperial regime on December 13, 1858. A French attack upon the country at this time was used by the pagan authorities as a pretext to intensify the persecution against Catholics. Consequently, Father Loc Van Le was sentenced to death and beheaded. Following his death, the Catholic faithful retrieved his body, and reverently clothed and buried it.