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Saint VICTOR de BRAGA, catéchumène et martyr

Saint Victor de Braga

Martyr (4ème s.)

Martyr. Encore catéchumène, il refusa d'adorer des idoles inanimées et confessa le Christ, Fils du Dieu vivant. Après de nombreux tourments, il eut la tête tranchée et mérita ainsi d'être baptisé dans son sang, à Braga au Portugal.

Saint Victor de Braga

Martyr sous Dioclétien

Fête le 12 avril

† Braga, Portugal, v. 300

Dans sa chronique, Vasaeus mentionne que saint Victor fut baptisé dans son propre sang.  Catéchumène portugais, il fut décapité à Braga (Portugal), sous Dioclétien, pour avoir refuser de sacrifier aux idoles.

April 12

St. Victor of Braga, Martyr

THIS city was a populous resort of the Romans; on which account it was watered with the blood of many martyrs in the persecution of Dioclesian. The names only of SS. Victor, Sylvester, Cucufas, Susana, and Torquatus have reached us. Their triumphs are honoured in that church, and recorded by Vasæus in his chronicle, and other Spanish historians. St. Victor, who is mentioned in the Roman Martyrology on the 12th of April, was a catechumen, who, refusing to sacrifice to idols, was condemned to lose his head, and baptized in his own blood. See F. Thomas ab Incarnatione. Hist. Portug. Sæc. 4, c. 6, p. 218

Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73).  Volume IV: April. The Lives of the Saints.  1866.

SOURCE : http://www.bartleby.com/210/4/124.html

Victor of Braga M (RM)

Died c. 300. In his chronicle, Vasaeus records that Saint Victor was baptized by blood. The catechumen was beheaded at Braga, Portugal, under Diocletian for refusing to sacrifice to idols (Benedictines, Husenbeth).