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Saint CONSTANTIN II d'ÉCOSSE, roi et martyr

Saint Constantin II d'Écosse, roi et Martyr.

Mort en 874; à Saint-Andrew, Ecosse, on le fête le 11 mars. Le roi Constantin a été tué dans un combat contre les envahisseurs païens de l'Ecosse. Dans ses derniers moments il a répété ces paroles faisant écho au Psaume 27: "Seigneur Jésus, n'abandonne pas aux bêtes les âmes qui Te servent." Il a été enterré à Iona, où des miracles ont eu lieu sur son tombeau. Par la suite il a été vénéré localement comme martyr (Bénédictins, Husenbeth).

April 2

B. Constantine II., King of Scotland, Martyr

HE marched against the infidels who advanced to plunder his dominions, and, intercepting the forces of Hubba, cut off from the army of his brother, king Hinguar, by a sudden flood of the river Lenin, easily put them to flight; but was afterward vanquished by Hinguar, near the town Cararia, and slain. In his last moments he repeated those words of the Psalm lxxvii. 19. Lord Jesus, abandon not to beasts the souls which serve thee. His death is placed by bishop Lesley and Buchanan in 874. He was buried in the isle of Iona, or Y-Colm-kill, and his tomb is said to have been honoured with miracles. The title of martyr is given him by King, in his Calendar, on the 11th of March, the day on which he was honoured under that quality at St. Andrew’s. See Lesley, Hist. l. 5. Buchanan, l. 6.

Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73).  Volume IV: April. The Lives of the Saints.  1866.

Constantine II of Scotland, King M (AC)

Died 874; feast day at Saint Andrews, Scotland, is March 11. King Constantine was killed in a battle against heathen invaders of Scotland. In his last moments he repeated words echoing Psalm 27: "Lord Jesus, abandon not to beasts the souls that serve You." He was buried on Iona, where miracles took place at his tomb. Thereafter he was locally venerated as a martyr (Benedictines, Husenbeth).