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Bienheureux EDOUARD STRANSHAM et NICOLAS WHEELER, prêtres et martyrs

Bienheureux Edouard Stransham et Nicolas Wheeler, prêtres et martyrs

Ils furent arrêtés lors de la persécution ordonnée par la reine Elisabeth Ière et furent pendus pour leur attachement à l'Eglise catholique romaine, à Londres en 1586. 

Bienheureux Edouard Stransham et Nicolas Wheeler

Prêtres ( 1586)

Tous deux prêtres, ils furent arrêtés lors de la persécution de la reine Élisabeth Ière et furent pendus pour leur attachement à l'Église catholique romaine.

À Londres, en 1586, les bienheureux martyrs Édouard Stransham et Nicolas Wheeler, prêtres, condamnés à mort sous la reine Élisabeth Ière à cause de leur sacerdoce et conduits aux supplices du gibet à Tyburn.

Martyrologe romain

Venerable Edward Stransham

English martyr, born at Oxford about 1554; suffered at Tyburn, 21 January, 1586. He was educated at St. John's College, Oxford, becoming B.A. in 1575-6; arrived at Douai in 1577, and went with the college to Reims in 1578, whence he came back to England owing to illness. In 1579, however, he returned to Reims, and was ordained priest at Soissons in Dec., 1580. He left for England, 30 June, 1581, with his fellow-martyr, Nicholas Woodfen, of London Diocese, ordained priest at Reims, 25 March, 1581. In 1583 Stransham came back to Reims with twelve Oxford converts. After five months there he went to Paris, where he remained about eighteen months at death's door from consumption. He was arrested in Bishopgate Street Without, London, 17 July, 1585, while saying Mass, and was condemned at the next assizes for being a priest. Details of his career will be found in the article mentioned below.

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